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Week 4 Day 2

Wow, I finished week 4 day 2 yesterday and this week has proven to be the toughest yet but I did it! I accidentally went from week 2 day 1 to week 3 day 2 and just kept going. I was telling someone about it and how it progresses. Somehow I accidentally skipped ahead the next time. Should I keep going forward or go back where I left off? Weeks 1 and 2 were pretty easy. Week 3 was a little more challenging but still fairly easy. Week 4 has been the most challenging. I can do pretty good until that last 5 minute run. Maybe I should just press on and maybe repeat week 4 next week? What do you all think. It feels good to be doing it! Just curious of your thoughts. And any motivational tips would be appreciated! Thanks!

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Just carry on but do take care! It's nine weeks for good reason. If you push too far early on you will get crocked!

It's fun but just go SLOW and you'll be ok 🙂


Yes as MW says, I'd suggest carrying on, but if it gets too much later on, be prepared to take a step back.


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