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Nothing can stop me now.... unless I run down some stairs!

Hello again!

So my Couch to 5K journey stopped pretty abruptly about a month ago as I broke my bloody wrist falling down the stairs at work! It was pretty spectacular. I bashed up my whole body pretty badly so decided to take a break from running as it just hurt. I had just done week 3 run 1 the night before I had my fall and was feeling fantastic and was starting to feel confident in my ability.

I am now feeling up to going back out. The cast will be off soon so not overly concerned about it being sweaty!

The sun is shining, the evenings are lighter, I am feeling positive!

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OUCH!!! Horrible. Poor you!

Glad you are feeling brighter... and yes the change in the year makes us feel more like it, doesn't it!


Hi sweatybets,

sorry to hear about your fall..😐

Now you feel up to running again you will soon get back into it...

Great incentive to go out running in spingtime its so nice outside. Take it nice and steady like before and enjoy your running success.😊

Good luck, keep posting.x


Oh cor blimey! It seems these things happen to us seemingly as we start the programme. We have barely laced up our new daps and kerblammo we fall or pull something 🙄 I had a fall recently and mashed my features but was soon back on it

I hope you are better now and ready for the off 😃


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