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Struggling this week, maybe it's the heat

So I finished the c25k programme 2 weeks ago. Hadn't made 5k in 30 mins but was going ok.

I then had a week off when I went on holiday. It was too hot for running, but did plenty of walking and didn't think that would affect me. So having started again this week was looking to make it to 5k.

However all my runs this week have been soooo hard. Worse than I remember the last few weeks being.

Went out yesterday, and had to give up at 4.9 k, although the end was in sight I really couldn't go on. My face was bright purple and I felt like death.

I started running in January, normally at night, but went out mid morning yesterday when it was 25degrees. And I am still a couple of stone overweight.

Do you think the extra weight affects you worse once the temperature goes up? My running buddy wasn't nearly as badly affected but she isn't as heavy as me.

Aside from (slowly) losing that extra weight I am carrying, does anyone have any advice on running in warmer weather?

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I havent quite finished the programme yet - on W8 - but I thought the same thing and, much as I hate getting up, have decided to switch from evening runs to early morning because of the heat. I now get up at 5am twice a week and 7 on a Sunday to do my runs. I still get really hot & my face is still beetroot colour when I get back but it feels fresher at that time of day & it really does set you up for the day! Hope it gets easier - for both of us 😉

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Running in hot weather is much harder, without a doubt. You will adapt but the obvious things are - make sure you are properly hydrated, slow up and as we move in to summer, try and run in the coolest part of the day when you can. This is when early morning runners really benefit! Also, take time to just allow your body to get used to the idea of running 3 x 30 mins and then extend to 5k. Maybe slow up a bit? You will get there and remember, we all have hard runs sometimes, for lots of reasons - hopefully the next one will be a good'un! Good luck☺.

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Wow, slowpoke-Annie, I am very impressed by your dedication.

I am also not much of a morning person, which is why In the week I run in the evenings after work.

It was just at the weekend with spring finally here it seemed like a pity not to run in the park in the sunshine. Now I know it's not going to work for me, I guess I will either have to sacrifice my weekend lie-in or wait till the evenings.


The other thing which I still don't always get right is working out what to wear. One of the most useful bits of advice I've come across is to dress for running as though it's 10 degrees warmer than the weather actually is. This seems to work very well when I think about it - but on days when I've just pulled on the first top I find, it's usually too warm and I really struggle... :/


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