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As of this morning, I am officially 2.5 K from the couch! :)

This morning I completed R2W5, which is the 14th run out of the total of 27 runs in the C25K app! I took it slow and steady and amazed myself by completing both 8 minute runs. Shazam!

I *do* find it slightly disconcerting, though, that this week has 3 different runs - it's a little like lucky dip. Hope I can continue to progress, as this has become a bit of an obsession...

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Well done! 🤗🤗🤗

You can polish off the programme for sure if you go slow and steady. More tortoise, no hare!

That's all you have to remember 🙂


🎉🏃🎉 well done 😀

Slow and steady is good, it will get you to the end👍 Good luck and keep enjoying it😁🌶


Slow and steady.. you will get there.... you will progress if you take time and enjoy the journey :)

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Keep going and do what Laura Tele you- sometimes i think she has gone to sleep and forgotten me but then she says you are half way there and i think noooo!! I must be closer to the end than that

Last ten minuites then five minutes then last 60 seconds all makes it worthwhile

Well done keep going

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