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Week 4 completed, some thoughts

Week 4 completed, some thoughts

Hi, so pleased with having completed week 4 yesterday. While running I had some thoughts:

1) Week 4 is massively more running than before, however it went well. It seems that starting slowly, sticking to seeks 1-3 was really worth it. Specially my legs felt good, actually much better than during weeks 2 and 3. It seems that these muscles and bones are getting used to being pounded on the ground.

2) I am still sticking to the number 1 advice of keeping the pace slow. However I indulged a little and allowed myself to gradually accelerate for the last 2.5 minutes of the podcast. I felt that if there is something left in the tank, I am allowed to use it. That was fun too.

3) I can feel the difference C25K is making already. Today we did a bike tour where I was hauling junior behind me. That felt easier than before.

From now on I am calling myself a runner, looking forward to week 5!

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Brilliant.. this all sounds really positive. The slow and steady.. well, that is the way :)

It is always good to have something left and later on, when Laura tells us to " Finish in style" we try to do, just that :)

I too, felt the benefits when I was doing C25K and then got onto my bicycle... hills were not an issue, distances did not seem as far. The back of my calves were and still are, very strong... :) We do feel the benefits in so many unexpected ways, running after small ones :)... pushing even smaller ones in prams for miles and miles.. ( that is me with small granddaughter ..) and mentally, just so good :)

Keep up the good work and looking forward to your next post... great photo by the way. That's the life.. towed around by Dad! Perfect :)


Go really slowly to avoid pounding, which us is baaaaad 😀 Continue the sessions nice and steady. cycling on your non-run days a good idea

Good luck with week 5 😀


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