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Couch to 5K
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Week 2 Day 1

Well I started week 2 today. I actually managed to get through it quite comfortably which is shocking since I was dying last week. Maybe it's because I can control my pace better since I don't have to be playing around with my headphones. I bought wireless ones so I could just concentrate on running. Loving this so far, can't wait for day 2 on Wednesday.

Also I was using run keeper while running and when I checked the distance it was a bit off. It said I ran 3.21km while all other maps and checks I did said the route was 3.36km. Any idea why this happened? Looking at the map it seemed to cut a lot of corners.

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I'm following one of the apps but on Mondays am going out with a group from my local YMCA who are running the programme locally. Yesterday I did day 1 of week 2 with the group but was only able to manage one complete 90 seconds jog. For the rest, I jogged about 60- 70 seconds walked for 10 and then finished with a jog. I was probably the worst in the group last night :( My breathing leaves a lot to be desired too! I'm 54 yrs old, size 16/18 but determined to do this. I am convincing myself that what everyone says is right and that suddenly I will be able to do this a lot more easily. I'm sure you will too and the help we get from this forum will pay dividends in the end.

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The forum is really helpful that's for certain


RunKeeper does occasionally have its moments (mine has sometimes decided I flew into the middle of the next village and back in less than 5 minutes!) but I think that's probably to do with the (lack of) reliability of the GPS signal where I live... Mostly it seems to be accurate for where I run though, so I'd trust its measurements over working the distance out with a map afterwards.


Yeah I'll see how it does tomorrow


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