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Another short pause - but back out there again now!

Another short pause - but back out there again now!

Well, I had a manic week at school last week, and had no time or energy to even go out for a walk, let alone a run! Yesterday was a lovely day, but my garden needed some attention, so I spent some time out there instead.

However, this morning I started the Easter holidays, and decided to go out and enjoy the sunshine! So out I went for a "run" (jog/walk). I decided to go back to the woods behind my house, where I first started my C25k journey in October, and where I haven't run since it started to get too muddy (and dark) around November last year. I knew there were likely to be muddy places, and there were, but I wasn't worried about trying to run round/through them, I just walked round them instead and carried on running once the path was better. There weren't too many of these, to be fair, but there were an awful lot of dog walkers out - when you meet a family of 4 with 5 dogs between them (none on leads), I find it is safer to walk until you are past them! So a few walking spots, but mainly running - and was out for 30 mins.

It felt really good to be in the woods again, rather than just pounding the pavements, as while the route stays the same, the scenery changes with the seasons, so there are always new things to see (like the carpet of white wood anemones which I stopped to photgraph :) ).

Happy Spring Running everyone!

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Well done! Dog walkers can be a nuisance with thier uncontrolled dog's & long leads, I had a problem with one at Parkrun, a lady running with a dog on a long lead which came right over and in front of me and almost tripping over the dog & lead! Parkrun states dogs must be on SHORT leads only!😠 Enjoy the holidays running!😊


Sounds like a nightmare! At least all the diga I met didn't have leads too!! There were just an awful lot of them! 🐕

I'll try a different route next time - trying to stay off the main (and muddiest) path!!


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