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Bath Skyline 5k

Bath Skyline - my second 5k run but my first ParkRun. What a brilliant cross country course this is - through beautiful woodland and over rabbit - hole pocketed fields! Pleased with my time and even more thrilled when the results page told me I was 5th in my age category! After scrutinising the results list I realised there were only 5 females in my age category so not so chuffed after all ( but pleased with my PB!)

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Well done! Course sounds lovely.


Well done! Will you be attending regularly? I always come in first in my age category - because our Parkrun is small and I'm the only one in that slot. I'll be dethroned as soon as more people join, or others age up. So congratulations from someone else that benefits in the age standings! Skip the details and relish your 5th place finish.


Sadly won't be attending regularly as just visiting relatives in the area! It really was a great environment....loved the field full of rabbit holes and hopping over tree the streets of South London any day!!


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