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I thought it was time to confess. Last Friday I completed week 6 run 2. On Sunday I took part in the OX5 run. When I signed up I thought it was 5k and it would coincide with my graduation on here! However due to injury I lost a couple of weeks and was therefore behind with my c25k. Also, I found out that OX5 is 5 miles!!! Anyway, to cut a long story short, I did it! I am so excited by this that I want to shout it from the rooftops! I managed to run 4.5 miles and only walked up the long hill. It was hard but exhilarating and aside from the usual few aches and pains from slightly over doing it, I feel great. It just goes to show that if you follow the programme you absolutely can do it. Wow what a feeling. Now I am going to be told off...........

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Incredible, well done!! I'm training for the Oxford 10k in May - only graduated a couple of weeks ago and can only run 4k so far but I'm determined to run more than half of it. Are you doing it?


An honest mistake! Now why would we tell you off? Anyway you seem to have got away with it - so huge congratulations and well done!


Wow, well done. That's awesome!


awesome work! its great isnt it. first few weeks for me it killed me, rest days with aches and pains.

im close to week 5 now but also a confession lol. Ive been doing the warm ups(plus stretches) but jogging the rest without any walking.

rest days i feel amazing, doesnt feel like ive been running at all :D

its quite mad how i could not run to save my life and then be able to run in a short space of time.


Holy smokes! Well done. 5 miles and 5 kilometers is a significant distance! Can we expect more races from you?

I bet you'll have a spring in your step for the rest of the program.


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