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Let the sunshine

after a mild blanking of my brain when I woke up to the Star Wars Theme (Hubby-to-Be's new alarm song) wondering what day was it? What time was it? Where the hell was I? and was I late for work? I realised It was Friday, 7am, I was in bed and no, I wasn't late for work because it's my day off, I checked outside to see the sun shining (for once this week) and went off to put on my kit and doing the much more important task of giving the Small Feline Overlords their breakfast before heading off to the park.

It was closed. A quick jog around the area showed me that all 4 gates were locked and there was no way I could get I went to the nearby supermarket, did a quick bit of shopping and tried again.

Success! It was open!

I happily jogged around in the sunshine, blowing my nose occasionally because there was still a cold wind. But I enjoyed it. It was nice to see some blue sky

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You got there in the end..:) A spot of sunshine works wonders 🙂


Cool but sunshiny running is lovely :) Good on you for prioritising the Feline Overlords, then not being put off by the locked park. Bet Cecilia thought it was her lucky day at first! ;)


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