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So tomorrow I start the last week!

Week 9 Run 1 plan for tomorrow. I am looking forward to it. I still have breathing issues to sort out but other than that I have no problems. The lighter evenings are almost here now, just another week, and so I have to just get on with it, listen to my music ( I will still listen to Laura now and again though, I shall miss her ) and ignore others if they look. They might think I'm too old or red in the face, etc, etc, if they notice, but at least I'm not sitting on the sofa in front of the tele and stuffing my face.

Haven't lost any weight though, reading some of the other posts here, I am not the only one. I honestly thought I would and that is mega disappointing. But I've come to thinking differently......I'm running BECAUSE I CAN....yippeeeeeeeeee, the weight will take care of itself in time. My running sessions are for me, my time, helping to give me a positive mind, and , oh alright , I admit, smaller portions would help........

Here we go then to the last week.........

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Good luck you're almost there :D I'm the same on the weight loss, only a 1/2 lb here and there, but I have noticed the inches are going down so I guess things are toning up x


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