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Week 8 run 3

I can't believe it was week 5 I think when I last posted. We're still going strong and have the last run for week 8 to do today. Then the final week next week! I am planning on running a 5k with my husband a week on Sunday.

I've struggled but managed it. The method really does work so far at least. The last 7 minutes of the 28 are hard, the last 3 are a killer, but I'm learning how to push through and haven't had to stop yet, though I've been close.

Right, best get going.

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Well done ! It's great that you also have a running mate. What is it they say "Behind every good man there's a woman" . Or is it in your case "Behind every good woman there's a man eating my dust" ??


Haha there's actually a few of us now - we go as a group but all have our own paces. Today was good, I got my fastest kph and fastest sprint finish (which I like to do). I'm not aiming for speed, just monitoring it to see how long 5k would take me.


Well done keep going only very short leap to 30 mins now


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