Week 4 done and absolutely terrified of week 5

Week 4 done and absolutely terrified of week 5

Today I finished week 4 and on Sunday I am starting week 5 and I am terrified. I unfortunately read how it looks like and I don't think I will manage: (

I am sending you a photo of new shoes which I bought when I was going just for a walk :) they are white, cause they were on sale :)

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  • We were all terrified of week 5 :D Just type in "week 5" in the search bar and you will see ;)

    The great thing about the programme is that it always prepares you for the next step. So if you managed to complete week 4 you will be fine when moving on to week 5. Go as slow as possible and you will see! The boost in confidence you get after week 5 is incredible and kind of carries you to the end of the programme :) At least that's how it was for me.

    You can do this!!

  • Thank you. I guess I cannot give up. I have already bought the shoes :)

  • Trust the programme - it really is set up for success. I'm half way through week 6 and am really feeling that I can do this.

  • How I wish to be past week 5 :) thank you

  • If you take it nice and slow, I am sure you will be fine.

    More importantly though, what are you terrified of? Even if you do struggle and even if you don't quite make it through one of the runs, that isn't a disaster, it isn't even a problem.

    C25K is about gradually building up your fitness and getting into the habit of running regularly whilst avoiding injury. That's what your doing and you are doing great so far.

  • I am stubborn and don't like to lose ( I like losing weight lol). Plus on May 13 th I would like to run 5km :) I am taking part in this small run:) so my goal is to finish this training on time. But I do have 2 spare weeks, so everything will be fine. I need to stop panicking :)

  • Terrified!!!!??? It's only a slow trot or two with walks. Not scary at all. If you go slowly you will do it. No worries

    Have you bought proper running shoes? I hope so. You need to know what it is you're buying, other than just the colour.

    Anyway, have fun!!!!

  • Bought shoes made by American company called Brooks. I did fast research online when I was walking around tkmaxx. Spoke to my friend who runs marathons and he said they should be fine for me now. I was running in old tracking North Face shoes, so I think this ones are a huge improvement.

    I am crazy but not as crazy to buy shoes just because. It takes me weeks buying things. I research everything:) those were in a very good price, were comfy so I bought them :)

  • I love my Brooks - good choice. I was terrified of W5 too but I believed that if others could do it, I could do. Believe in the programme, it does work πŸ˜€πŸ‘Ÿ

  • Cheers :)

  • I remember completing W4 and then looking at what was to come and I empathise with you but you know what believe in yourself. Your body is ready for it, for me it was mind over matter and afterwards you feel incredibly elated. The support on this forum, the guidance and wise words ring true and makes you want to do it for everyone on here as well as yourself.

    Good luck, go forth and enjoy.

  • I know but it seems scary:) I think more than myself I don't want to disappoint people in here:) I know I won't:) as other people said I didn't expect I can run 5 minutes:) now I can and still have some energy left. I think after the 5 th week I will be the happiest person in the whole world :) thank you for the support. I also managed to lose 22 pounds since January 10 th and still losing weight so I think I can do it :)

  • You managed the leap between weeks 3 and 4 so your body is more than capable.

    Week 5 is a mental tester!

    The programme has prepared you for it, have faith :)

    Remember that slow and steady is good and slower is always absolutely acceptable!

    Go forth and conquer πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ

  • Thanks:) I will try my best :)

  • You can do it! Go for it and make those shoes earn their keep πŸ˜‰

  • The best thing I can say is not to look forward to what is coming up for each new week because the psychological barriers go up, I know because I did it..... once! The program is designed to gradually increase your fitness so will be able to ace week 5. Many graduates had a wobble around week 5 but if is all in your mind. If you can do Week 4 then you can definitely do Week 5. Just get your kit on, relax, take it slowly and enjoy it because you CAN do this. Go for it!!

  • Till week 4 I never checked. About week 5 I heard from people at my work who gave up because of this week, so I think this is why I am so scared:( thank you for your support :)

  • The people who gave up were probably not on this forum ;) Deep breath and off you go!

  • True or they are not as stubborn as we all are :)

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