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Keep Mooving

I bought a Moov on impulse last December. It looks rather like a watch but with a pill-like processor where the watch itself would be. It works with a number of sports, including cycling and running. For running, it is worn around the ankle. Various workout levels are offered in an interval running pattern and the results cover distance, elevation, cadence and so on but notably a measure of the force with which your shoe impacts the ground. It shows me as being heavy-footed and the commentary during the run told me to land on the ball of the foot. I know I am an ancient plodder but I find this not easy, even more so when following the advice given here to run slowly. It was comforting to see that I had run just under 5 miles, though. Any advice on transforming plodding to running?

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Running with a higher cadence and a corresponding shorter stride length reduces the ground contact time and generally means less of a 'thud' from your footfall.

Adapting to that style of running isn't easy though, particularly if you are a taller gent. It is also more taxing in aerobic terms.

Might be worth a try but personally I am a happy plodder as long as I am not overly prone to injury which, touch wood, I don't seem to be.


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