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week 2

well i was supposed to start week 2 on Monday (today) but did no t want to have 2 days off So i decided to have just one day and start week 2 only problem was that would mean starting on Sunday and did not want to do this as out Saturday night

So i did it on Saturday and i did it ok was a bit tried as did not have a day off but managed it

! know i should i suppose follow the plan but these are the so called easy weeks so i thought id take a chance and now will do week 2 run 2 tonight may be a little easier as did have Sunday to rest

I must say the extra 30 seconds running seem like fore ever was not out of breth and legs did not hurt but the last 2 runs seemed to go on for ever

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lol, yes the extra 30 seconds feel like minutes and the walk intervals start to feel like seconds! I also wasn't strict on rest days in the early weeks but feel the benefit at week 5.


Just keep plugging away, nice and steady, and you will chew up the weeks. Going slowly and carefully, taking rest days between sessions, will deliver you safely to Graduation

Hood luck. Have fun 🙂


I remember early on thinking why do I need a rest day, I feel ok, until someone here very kindly pointed out that not only does our body need the rest day to repair itself (your doing more than you think) but just as important, certainly for me was the mental discipline involved, I found it hard to start with following the program because I felt I could and should be doing more, but I'm so glad I listened to those wiser than myself.

Only you know your own body and what it's telling you, but try and stick with the program, hopefully that way you won't end up on the IC. :)


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