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W7R3 - the end is in sight!

Borrowed my husband's headlamp this morning as it was still pretty dark out at 6:20 am. Managed the run well and felt I was in control of my breathing and pace. It was kind of fun running in the dark with the headlamp on, as I felt sometimes that seeing as you could just see my head, I could just focus on looking where I was going and my breathing and not worry about my legs too much. They just kept on pounding the pavement beneath me :)

Onto week 8 - nearly at the end! I should probably look at a parkrun in the next few weeks to celebrate ;)

Keep on going everyone - you can do it! At the start, I was a bit sceptical I would make it to this point, but just focus on one week at a time and you will make it :)

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Yes it's fun isn't it! Lots of things about running are fun. Who knew ey?

Good luck!

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