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Back again

I hadn't run for a couple of weeks as I was skiing last week (I know, lucky me) and for a couple of weeks before that I was concentrating on squats and lunges in the gym. Well, that all worked out ok, fitness-wise. Tried a run on Tuesday and managed just a slow 2.5k. Got the right leg pain that I hadn't felt since my previous run. Think I may have to see a physiotherapist.

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Sorry to hear that Joy. Yes, if it is something that has recurred following two weeks of no running, it would be best to get it checked out.


Reading your posts this is not a one-off so my amateur opinion is that you should get it checked out.


Thanks & also to Dunder2004 for your thoughts. However I went out again yesterday, ran 4k without the leg pain at all! So I guess I'm going to wait & see how it goes. I'll have another try tomorrow.


That's good to hear.


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