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I'm really struggling with Week 7. It was interrupted because of travel and ever since i've come back, I'm done the week 7 run 5 times because i'm able to do in one day and the the next run I'm not able to. I've feel too tired even before I've hit the middle mark. Then the next run i'm able to run 25 minutes but today my 5th run, i couldn't. Felt too tired. I'm wondering if i should move on to w8 or hold on to W7 till i feel confident? Any advice? Thanks!

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First of all, just making sure you are running nice and slow.

If need be take an extra day (or even two) to rest in between runs, this will do you no harm at all.

It is entirely up to you whether to stay on week 7 or move on but, I would tend to want to be feeling good, and confident, going into your first week 8 run.

Hope things feel easier soon.

SR2016 in reply to Dunder2004

Thanks Dunder2004.. Think I'm going to sprint into 8. Feeling a bit fatigued being stuck at Week7 for 2 weeks now. I have run 25minutes 3 times.. just not continuously... I'll see how i feel on the first 8 week run tomorrow and decide what to do next. Thanks again.

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