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5k..... and it only took 8 months!!

So after 8 months of getting through a 9 week program, I am done, why has it taken 8 months you may ask. Well unfortunately at the start of the program I was plagued with dodgy knees, I think the technical term is "unfit old knees", first my right one went, and I took 4 weeks off, then back on it, then the left one went, so a further few weeks off, then a summer holiday, then a break over Christmas, and other reasons that are weak and pointless. But since Christmas I decided that enough was enough and time to finish the course, which happened on Friday, just in time for a 5k obstacle fun run.

I have completed a 5k run twice now, one on a treadmill at 5.04k in 31 mins and then one in the outdoors at 5.07k in 34 mins.

My aim now is to get quicker, i'd like to get a 5k time down to about 27 mins, then will focus on the distance there after.

As mentioned above I am doing Gung Ho in 2 weeks time in London, which will be a bit of fun, but still a run (

I have then also pre-signed up for next years Winter London run, that is a 10k, I thought to do this to ensure I have something further to aim for, and to keep me pushing myself.

I never thought I would say these words, but running is fun, 5k is still hard, but I enjoy it, on the treadmill or outside, so all being well over the next few months I will increase speed and distance, but I am definitely a running convert now :) :)

But for the time being I can certainly say "YES I HAVE SMASHED THE C25K"

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Well done. It has certainly been a bit of a journey.

Just a little bit of advice, if I may. You will probably find it easier to increase speed if you increase distance a the same time. Maybe try one progressively longer run each week at a slower pace. This will help to build leg strength as well as stamina.

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Thanks Dunder, I'll do that.


Many congratulations on your perseverance - well worth the effort,


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