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Wk 6 Complete


I am writing this with a mix of exhaustion, and jubilation.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be running 25mins again. To celebrate I am giving myself the weekend off!

Next step, I must address my diet. It should be easy with only cooking for myself, but cooking for one is so damn depressing. So then I cycle into comfort food, and eating junk.

Have to be positive though. When I was diagnosed with MS I thought my days of "activity" were over, then today I ran for 25 mins!

Also like to thank the support on this forum. I have only posted once, but I do read every alert, the motivation given to others has buoyed me along. Thank you!

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Well done. The happiness outweighs the exhaustion. :)


Well done! Such a feeling of achievement, isn't it! From this point, you know you can get to the 30 mins target (unless you have as little self-belief as me, but even I achieved it!). :)

Comfort food is always a temptation - for me, I've found working out a meal plan before going shopping, and resisiting the lure of the junk food in the supermarket is best. If I don't buy it then, I can't eat it the rest of the week...

Again, well done - what a way to end the week! :)

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Really Well done to you, you're doing great !

Enjoy your weekend off ! :-) xxx

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