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Post-graduate run number 2

Unfortunately, as soon as I started running, I felt a twinge on my inner left lower leg. I carried on for 20 minutes, but at that point, it got worse - I was stumbling a lot!

Having rested it for a few hours, it seems fine again (how annoying!).

Am I ok to try again Friday? It was my 'good' leg as's rare that my 'bad' leg is better than my 'good' leg. Should I try slowing down a little?

Any advice great fully received.

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That sounds very frustrating - but well done for doing 20 minutes. Can't give any advice on what to do about Friday except as you suggest, try a slower pace - perhaps a sports massage would help?

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For any injury the advice is RICE - Rest, Ice, Compressions, Elevation. Rest it for 48 hours & see how it is on Friday; take it slow & maybe have a shorter run, if it feels ok & it's not twinging or painful then carry on but stop at the first twinge or pain. Good luck :)

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