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What a Marvellous Feeling, I'm *beat* jogging again (Postgrad Run)


After an unbearably long shift, a walk from my place of work to HtB's place of work and a random meeting which led to a short but very nice conversation with the ever delightful vicar of HtB's church (aka the bloke officiating our big day and making sure we say our vows properly without giggling or making up our own jokey vows. Incidentally, he's a deadringer for the late actor Richard Griffiths! Bonus!) I wondered, with the rain drizzling down over the town, if I was actually bothered about going to the park for a run.

Then decided that Mam would probably ask how my run went and I wasn't feeling creative enough to make anything up. So, much to Cecelia's continued dismay, i picked up the car, plugged in the phone and set off around the park.

I'm still amazed at how much my stamina's increased as the 30 minutes all but flew past. It felt good to be running around my favourite running place and I even managed the hilly parts without struggling, even though I ended up all but soaked to the skin with drizzle.

Can't wait for the next one - I've taken to doing flex and stretch exercises in the morning too (I'll follow it up tomorrow with a Burn to the Beat' session, I think ^_^_

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Well done you! :) just make sure you get warm and dry, and dont make the mistake I made on Sunday evening of getting wet and chilled through so I couldn't sleep for being too cold!

Keep it up👍 You're doing great 😀👍🌶

Sounds brilliant 😊 Each run is making you fitter and stronger.


Good stuff 😀 Just keep going, you,re doing fine 🙂


Sounds wonderful....you are going to look simply stunning on that Wedding Day!!! :)


Excellent, you're doing great. Love the sound of you vicar too You will have a fantastic day enjoy it all. When is it you're getting married ? (Sorry I am very nosey xx)

MrsPsychoGraduate in reply to first_mate

Hubby-to-Be becomes Hubby in September

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