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2nd of the first week of couch to 5 k

Had my rest day yesterday where I did some toning from a clip from you tube actually, quite a variety on there...I never did the strength and flex as not comfortable yet doing the push/ pull ups from a tree and fence etc over the field ....still, I did 2nd run after work today, I was going this morning but it was just getting light enough to walk to the field at 6.15 but I had to go on for work at 6.50 so went this evening instead......I was thinking of excuses though but DH encouraged me and was so pleased I went.... I ran past a couple who were over the field And once I passed them a couple times I took no notice they were there...not that it bothered them, they didn't's just in my head lol........also I clocked up over 14000 steps on my fit bit today.....

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Well done to you and you're right. Most people don't even see us when we run as they're too busy engrossed in their own lives.

You've done the hardest run IMO, the first one, so just keep ticking off each run one by one 😊

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