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Getting there slowly

After completing C25K last May and through work and injury and generally losing motivation I did keep up with running properly.

Still having a small level of fitness I revisited week 5 of the plan.

I'm not always managing more than 2 runs a week so it's taking me a while to build up but I've just finished week 7.

Pleased with my progress so far. I'm happy that I'm back running although I'm very slow. Trying not to cause an injury again.

I don't know why I find it so hard to go out for a run when it makes me feel so much better!

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I think everyone goes through a lack of motivation, I have one every week lol

Its good that you're doing it again though and recognise that you feel good afterwards!

Twice a week is better than never!


Good luck! I hope this time you avoid injury. That's probably one of the demotivating factors. Go you for getting back into it!


Good for you? You could set yourself up on autopilot and just do the runs as a habit. No discussion, just go. I try and do that. It saves arguing with myself about shall I or shan't I. only really dodgy weather keeps us indoors

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