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Just did my first park run!

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So this was supposed to be my 2nd W7 run but didn't make the 25 mins running - not too sad though as I did complete my first 5k - not quickly at 43.5 mins but at least I did it πŸ˜€

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Good stuff.

I suspect you did what nearly all of us do at our first Parkrun by starting off too fast when in the crowd.

JoolezGraduate in reply to Dunder2004

Yes - you're right. My first km was 1 min faster than normal πŸ‘Ÿ


Well done and congratulations on your first Parkrun 5k. You now have a target to hear next time!πŸ˜‰


Brilliant, well done! Super morning for it too!

Stay slow and steady, loads of time to build speed and distance following graduation.


Well I've graduated today and still not completed 5k, so in many ways, you've done better than me. Keep plugging away. Before you know it, you'll be graduating and slowly but surely getting faster, running further and feeling even fitter.

JoolezGraduate in reply to NickiCS

Thanks and well done on completing your graduation run!!!


Fantastic ! It takes bravery to get out there that first time, and now you've got a time to aim for for next time.


That's excellent. Will you be back again next week?

JoolezGraduate in reply to runswithdogs

Not next week as we are going to Bristol but I am looking forward to a run around the Downs. Definitely will the week after though.


Well done :) I love parkrun - hope you enjoyed it! Don't worry about the Week 7 run, just shake it off and try again! You are so nearly there!

Ooh that's my home parkrun too. Sadly only been once this year as seem to have worked lots of weekends or been away. Have to miss the next 2 as well. Busy isn't it. Summer route is a bit nicer as it's only two laps, the third one kills me psychologically. Good to take the positive. Good luck with the rest of the programme.

JoolezGraduate in reply to ancientrunner

Thanks - it was quite muddy today but at least it's flat πŸ˜€

I haven't done a park run yet, but when I do, I'll take it easy the second one I do I'll be competing with myself and I'd want to see some progress 😏

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