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W6R3 - slower equals faster?

Just completed last run of week 6 again - went into the last run of the week just trying to focus on my breathing and keep my pace a bit slower and more consistent.

I was surprised to reach the last hill I had to climb to get back to my place right at the end of my last running interval - usually I'm walking for my cooldown at this point.

Sure enough, when I got home, I checked Strava and I had the best average running pace I've recorded so far - 7:02/km - and that's for my whole workout, which this morning was 13 mins walking, and 21 mins running!

So does trying to go slower generally equal faster? Or maybe I just paced myself better and had some more in the tank :) either way, I'm pleased - week 7 next week!

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Trying to run slower will generally result in you running slower!

With that said, it is difficult to say for sure because:

a) Your running to walking ratio is higher for W6R3 then any other run to date.

b) You are making substantial gains in aerobic fitness every week at this stage.

I know it might begin to sound like a broken record, but try not to worry about pace at this stage. It is not unreasonable to expect almost straight line improvement in fitness for two to three months after graduation. It is only at that point that you will have a decent understanding of your capabilities/performance.

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That's brilliant! I Tomorrow I shall run my W6R2 . I'm hoping that this will be better than W6R1,I don't know what it was,whether it was me being over tired after looking after poorly Labrador through the previous night with hubby or the stop and start of the routine but it wasn't that great . I didn't stop ,but I knew that I could have done much better! Anyways as they say tomorrow's another day! ha!!! 😀😀

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