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Try again

well that didn't work. I spent 2 weeks running 3 times a week. I ran with a running friend who set up walking and running in intervals over a 5K route. I was really proud of my running and surprized how well I was doing. Then relapse 2 days mostly in be3d then caught a nasty vomiting virus and still feeling weak!!

Start again. I have decided I am going to follow 025K exactly on a treadmill before venturing out.


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Hello, if you are just starting out I think you should take it much slower - stick to the C25K and even then at your own pace, repeating weeks if you need. Slow and steady is a bit of mantra. If you look around on here people find it tough going without your added health problems. There are some people on here who have MS so hopefully they can give you some more specific advice, but for now rest up, look after yourself and then go again. Good luck - look forward to hearing how you get on.

ps: running outside is nicer!


Thank you on w3 now. The 3min run is a struggle


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