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Couch to 5K
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Introduction, I'm new here...

Quick intro. I was an overweight smoking unfit middle age man with a large belly so at Christmas I was determined to do something about it. Stopped smoking on 21st Dec and started walking twice a week for 30 mins. That became a habit and went to 4 days then 5.

I have now lost 2 stone been non smoker for 2 months and started to do the odd jog instead of walk. Didn't know this kind of forum existed. I have today just done 4k in 30:06. Not sure whether that good or bad but seems to average 4k in 30-34 mins. I get sore shins alot :(

Hope to increase to the magical 5k so will see how this goes. Will have a good read of the other posts for tips and advice.

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Hi Mark and well done so far.

This forum is for the Couch to 5k program (c25k), you can find the details here.


Well done on getting to 30 minutes/4K but please take it easy. Sore shins could be shin splints which can get nasty. This is often down to doing to much too soon (or it could also be unsuitable shoes).


Welcome to the forum. This primarily exists for those working their way through the NHS C25k programme, but all are welcome and you will find copious amounts of support and advice here.

You sound like you are making great progress already and you may not need to try the C25k plan, which is designed to slowly build your stamina until you can run for 30 minutes. You might find the structure of a plan helpful and you could probably quite happily drop into Week 6 of the NHS plan without difficulty. Many people who follow the programme do not manage the 5k in 30 minutes, but that is not the point. Developing a habit of regular strenuous exercise is more important.

Sore shins could be a symptom of incorrect footwear. Proper running shoes are definitely recommended, as is a gait analysis, carried out in a running shop, to find which shoes are the most appropriate for your particular running style.

The other thing that comes to mind is the recommendation that new runners have at least one rest day between runs, to enable recovery.

Read around the site and you will find loads of advice but feel free to ask anything. we are a friendly bunch.


Hiya & welcome from the 'other' MarkyD 😀


2 Marky D's ! :-)

New Marky D, I just want to welcome you to the forum :-)

Why not download the podcasts and give C25K a go ? It really is a fantastic programme , as lots of us on here will testify .

Congratulations on stopping smoking , it is tough, but oh so worth it . Well done xxx


Hi Marky_D, I can thoroughly recommend the C25K program, I graduated today. This forum is so fabulous with their support & encouragement. The program takes you through a gradual run/walk until you are finally running for 30 minutes nonstop - don't be put off by the 5K part of it - it's more important that you can run for 30 minutes. Sore shins could well be shin splints so check your footwear and maybe slow down a tad; you don't want to go too fast, too soon and cause an injury. Well done on quitting smoking & losing weight - you must feel fabulous :) x

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Thanks all, yes I feel great so far with weight losss, stopping smoking and being active, I have got to point I neeeeeeed to walk or run each day so I am doing some run days and some walk days for recovery. Big Apple nut so need to fill activity rings each day...I think it is shin splints but from walking not running as I don't feel them much running but do walking ( walking is fast pace and more uphill ) I have bought some muscle tape which is a marvelous and works great walking. I bought some decent running shoes but not from specialist with gait measuring etc, will go back to looking at that as an option. Will look at course and maybe jump in a bit further than day 1.. Everyday a learning day so I may lear something by starting it a fresh and not running for 30 mins straight away.


Welcome Marky_D

I suffered from shin splits and it is because I was running/walking quite hard on my heels (if that makes sense). It maybe that you are doing the same when walking but less so when running. Next time you are doing a walk day be aware of how you are walking and see if that helps.

Good luck and keep us posted with how you are doing :-)


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