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Needing some motivation - week 5 slump

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Hey everyone - last run for week 5 tomorrow. I'm just in need of a bit of bolstering - think I've hit a bit of a slump.

Just feeling a bit meh, and the gremlins are hard at work during my runs asking me why I'm even bothering and what difference does it make?

I've been managing the runs ok; legs are strong and doing pretty well. It's just breathing and mind games that I'm struggling with.

But I'm still planning to get up and run tomorrow - maybe not at 6 because I don't have work, but 7 or 7:30 while it's still cool.

Any ideas for how to get my mojo back?

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It's easier just to do the runs as laid down without even thinking about it. No need for any indecision or angst, internal arguments, etc just do it!

Saves lots of hassle. Trust me! πŸ˜€

If you are struggling with your breathing then slow down!


Like others have said the best thing for the gremlins is doing it. Dont allow them any airtime, and slow down if your breathing is laboured.... that will make a difference :)


Yes, I agree with MW, just go and do it, one day soon you'll have a wonderful run that'll remind you why you're doing this.


Sometimes I can't face running from my front door so I drive to somewhere different - that really helps me keep the interest. If I don't want to drive anywhere I do a usual route backwards.

Some wise person on here once said that cleaning your teeth isn't very interesting but we still do it everyday because we know it just needs to be done - on the really bad mojo days maybe just look at it like that and yes......Just Do It!

Thanks for the encouragement everyone - got through my run just fine; onto week 6 next week so I'm getting there. I did try to slow down and focus on my breathing, but also ended up with my fastest time to date - not sure how that works :) going to have a 2 day break over the weekend and get back into it on Monday. :D happy running everybody!

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