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W7 r1......big plans!

So the plan was that as I was feeling refreshed and in a really good place...i.e happy (!) I was going to try and run beyond the 25 minutes and go round a particular route twice and complete 4km. That plan all changed after running for 5 minutes 😂😂 I now know that the designers of the plan do indeed know what they are talking about and small steps and all that are the most sensible. I also re checked the length of my route and I did the same as my last run and discovered that it is only 2.9km and not 3.2.... But what's 0.3 between friends hey?! Doris, the dog, was helpful once again in me achieving this run. I'm still over the moon at running for 25 minutes, albeit at a slow pace. I have had a look at the local park runs and the slowest is around 45 minutes and so that is going to be my aim once I have completed the plan. Have a good day everyone 😊🏋🏻

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Well done you - that 25 mins running is a huge achievement. I have W7R2 ahead of me today and I'm looking at the weather either willing it to start raining and I'll bottle it or start raining and I'll go out and feel like a proper runner. My legs are still tired from Monday's run so I have no expectation of a good run. Like you, I'm considering ParkRun sometime soon, but am nervous about getting in the way of the 'serious' (i.e. fast) runners - my local one is 3 circuits of a field so even starting at the back I'm going to get in the way of loads of people trying for their PBs.


That's a great aim. Something to go for once week 9 run 3 is in the bag. I've done the same as you (many times).

I get up with what I call my 'running goggles' on, (similar to beer goggles but they make you feel like you could run forever)... that is, until you start!

Other times I get up feeling like a zombie and a magical run materialises from nowhere.

Slow and steady. You'll achieve all you want to. 😊😊😊


Yeah just go steady and you'll be fine. Push too much and you will be sad cos you will hurt yourself. That's the beauty of this programme. You can go slowly, buy yourself some time and have some puff left by the end. No need to get exhausted, bad-tempered and put off. Try and have fun with it. Enjoy yourself, and and Doris too of course!


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