Any good tips for the mind? I have just done W6R. Last week I really struggled with the 20 min run at about 16/17 mins. I found my body managed ok - it was mentally the time I struggled with. I did do it with lots of encouragement from the side of the treadmill but I want to be able to manage this myself. My first run this week, the 5 min runs were ok but again the 8 mins I struggled with. On the treadmill I do 5kph for the walk and 8kph for the run. Any advice/guidance and support would be appreciated. Like so many of you we have come so far and pleased with our achievements I don't want to get disheartened now. Thanks πŸ™‚


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  • I listen to an interesting podcast while I run. It takes my mind off it.

  • I like the thought of that but like the C25K podcasts to keep in check with although the music could be a little more lively...they do the job and you run to the best. I am hoping with experience a podcast or different music might help. Thanks for the replyπŸ™‚

  • I tend to use diversionary tactics to help pass the time. Whether it's listening to music, thinking about what to have for dinner or taking in my surroundings. Time seems to go quicker that way. Could you venture outside instead of the treadmill? Might help to take your mind of what your legs and lungs are up to ;) x

  • I'd like to try outdoors but my ankle is very weak from a recent fall..I might take your advice as others have said the same..I'm just being cautious as I would hate to go over on it outdoors and undo all the good I've done. Thanks for your reply πŸ™‚

  • My ankles not brilliant, I've used an ankle support which gives confidence.. I think the strength of my dodgy ankle has improved since I've started running..

  • Another vote for trying outdoors! That said, I think a lot of us struggled with the gremlins at some point. Just trust in yourself and the programme and don't give them the time of day! The minute you start hear those voices, counter them with something positive - and imagine coming on here and posting about how you beat them and what a great run you had! Honestly, you can do it - believe!πŸ˜€

  • Thank you. I took a bad fall in a December and have a weak ankle so at the moment treadmill helps me in s controlled environment. Thanks for you positive thoughts. Sometimes it's nice to know you're not alone πŸ™‚

  • You are never alone on this forum! Good luckπŸ˜€

  • I don't tend to do forums but know there are others out there like me so thought I'd give it a go. Thanks Sandra πŸ™‚

  • This is one forum you really do need to "do". Without it I would certainly have given up by now. All the positive vibes start to rub off ...

  • It may well be that the 'controlled environment' is a double edged sword - *you* are not in control in the way you would be outside, you can't make little adjustments to your pace as easily. (I generally don't do tarmac, I like a rough surface but would have thought falling off a treadmill was more risky, although I suppose you are holding on with your hands so less likely to happen even if more serious if you do)

    However, if outdoors is something you are just not going to do at the moment, can you set up some sort of scenic video so you tell yourself you'll keep going until that bend... and then that bend comes and you keep going until the river...and.... (I know these things exist, maybe someone here knows a quick way to find them)

  • it's just approaching 8am and the time has come for W6R2....I have just googled the scenic scenes and there are two on you tube so...going to give this a go and then will prep some of my music to try for the next one. This is a great visual idea. Thank you. I'll let you know how it goes. 😊

  • Visuals are a good idea; when I had to use my cross trainer after I broke my ribs before Christmas, ( trying to maintain stamina and leg strength) I used snowy virtual runs on my screen.. they were great.. had the door to my studio open so I felt cold, was like being outdoors!! ( Yep..I am loopy).

    One was Old Man's cave run, I think, on You Tube. It was brilliant!

  • Like you say...loopy but we have try things that work for us. I have a good image of this now. Will take a look at the Old Man. 😊

  • If you can listen to some of your favourite music to keep you motivated then pick 5 tracks that last about 4 minutes each and say to yourself as each one is playing "only four, three, two more songs to go, I can stop after the next one"

    It might help, especially if the songs are ones that make you happy and you can run in time to or at least make every other step in time with the beat.

    When I'm on the treadmill I always cover up the clock so that I only have a rough idea of how much time has passed, it's demoralising to look and think " oh I've only done x minutes".

    Not the best idea until you graduate but good for when the runs get longer. :-)

  • I too hide the clock or if I see the clock I use the figures to do different mats calculations to keep my mind distracted! I really want to do music of my own but I feel 'Laura' is with me and need her input throughout. I guess things will come in time. Interestingly I have noticed I am running more towards the back The of the board now...I was running very close to the machine but that was for security. I love the idea of countdown of songs though. That will help. 😊

  • I'm a great believer in podcasts, or music at the right beat, my cadence is around 155bpm so I search for "runining 155bpm". Distraction is the key. I've even watched YouTube videos as most gyms have WiFi these days. There are some good c25k videos of people's journeys on YouTube which can be distracting.

  • Oooh...great ideas here Paul. Thank you. I think now the runs are getting longer it might be worth experimenting with your suggestions. Thank you 😊. Watch this space.

  • This worked for me this morning. 2 x 10 minute runs done without a panic attack or roaring on the last minute!! Thank you Paul. Although I chose a Cotswold video...they sped up on the country roads so I had to look away between villages however I can go on a quiz show now of Cotswolds villages and do much better...learn something new everyday 😊

  • Well done you so far anyway! :)

    If you felt you could try an outdoor run, ( maybe with an ankle support) ,somewhere not too tricky and really, just take it very steady and slow. It is very different than indoors, but if you are careful, you should be fine. There is so much to see and things to take your mind off time and distance.

    Follow the podcast and just relax into the run. I think about all sorts.. ( if you read any of my rambles.. you will see that !!!) You can absorb your instructions whilst looking around and thinking of other things..honestly!

    This forum, is not like other forums.. :)

    The support and advice and the encouragement is great for reassurance and motivation. All of us have experienced similar feelings to each other on our journeys.. and know how it feels.

    I made and continue to make great friends on here and I still value their support and encouragement, and by reading their posts I am emboldened to challenge myself and move forwards with confidence. :)

    Give it a go maybe ?

  • Thanks for your support and encouragement, it certainly helps and everyone else on here too. This forum is great I have to say. I have to be honest I am nervous about going outside but also find I am making up other excuses too i.e. fitting it in with the children, going too far, stopping if I feel tired a whole raft of things. I guess I will only know if I try it but it is worrying little (in a very non whittling way mind due - I am not whinging anout it as my writing might sound I am!!) .

    I guess this next week or so will need to be experimental with the suggestions in order to achieve and maintain the longer distances. On reflection...I struggled and barely made the first time we had to do 5 mins run but I guess we all got passed it 😊

  • You choose the way to do it and in your own time. This is your journey... and we all choose a different path..that is what makes it such fun!

    We all had and still have these issues with everyday life and worries about all sorts of things; many folk when they started running posted that they always ran near a hospital in case they collapsed..or in public, so someone could pick them up ! :)

    The first runs for me, I always went too far.. I always forgot to turn around half way and head back home ! Had to walk back loads of times.. Duh!

    I am not sure whether I could rely on the wildlife where I run to be of any hep.. so I have my phone on speed dial to my husband!

    Just take it slow and take it steady! It will come and you will find what suits you best..:)

  • Thank you 😊

  • Like many people I hate the dreadmilll and always struggle if I am forced to use one (weather, travelling away etc). During c25k and ever since (its been nearly 18 months since graduation) when I hit that mental wall the thought I concentrate is 'its only X minutes of your life! Surely you can keep going for that long'. Alternatively of course if you are for instance 16 mins into a 20 minute run, think that if you stop now you have wasted 16 minutes and will have to do it all again next time,

    Works for me every time for me

  • Wow...18 months and do you continue to run? It's nice to know a 'veteran' is still combining into here to give support. Funnily enough I 'chunter' to myself all the time and know what - you've done 8 mins already...what is another 2 just to keep me going. It's mind over matter and it's hard. I managed the w6r2 this morning and did both 10 mins (at 8kph) with no panic attack which is a small improvement in itself...small steps. Thanks for your response. 😊

  • Certainly continue to run. 5 half marathons last year (and over 1,000km run in the year). More booked this year with a target of 1,000 miles running. All down to C25K. I am the most unlikely runner ever yet I'm hooked. It's all about paying it forward. However you are feeling, you are out there doing it! For that alone you should be incredibly proud of yourself.

    These problems were just dreams when you started C25K (the ultimate first world problems!)

  • That's incredible - all your achievements! You must be made up. Like you I am an unlikely runner but I have started dare I say it to enjoy it. I miss the days I don't do it. My sister does marathons and triathlons etc which is incredible too and my little C25K isn't in that league but it's perspective and if I think what I have done in just these last 4/5 weeks alone is an achievement in itself. I am a much fitter/healthier me - albeit I need to get over this week...I think I have a 25 min run on Fri/Sat.

  • I agree, outdoor running is much more engaging, your mind is partly occupied with your surroundings so you'll have to occupy yourself mentally as little less. Also when you get onto the longer running stints - your own music. Nothing better than that to keep your mind from reminding you that you're doing physical exercise :)

  • It's funny because I put together a snowboarding playlist and when I hear those tunes it gives me a good feeling so going to put one together for running. I'm nervous about going out with lots of excuses rolling around my head too. I think we are on par with our runs aren't we? I've just, this morning done W6R2 😊

  • Oh yeah deffo do that, I did my W5r3 with an 80's rock playlist which more than anything, gave me an excuse to listen to music for a change...I air guitared round too... but honestly the feel good tunes made the whole thing way more bearable! (I probably looked like a nutter but I couldn't even try to care! lol) I would advise making a few playlists so you don't get bored of them, I think that would start to occupy the mind less if you get my drift..

    Ignore those excuses, you'll feel much better going out for a run than not! :)

    I'm a run behind you then, doing W6R2 tomorrow after work, did R1 last night. Don't have the joy of running in daylight until the weekend unfortunatey! :(

  • You're doing great, here's another vote for outside AND off road running - it does actually strengthen your feet, ankles and legs. However, you do need to build your confidence with it, so I'd suggest going off road when the weather has improved a bit, it's quite wet and muddy at the moment, and I've been known to face plant too!

    And remember, slow and steady, if you don't feel confident go slower. Good luck, keep on keeping on, you'll get there.


  • Sounds like you are doing really well πŸ˜€ I have a let gremlin called Gorgeous and at times do a bit of gremlin bashing to help me on my way πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Ύ Strange how this game becomes more about mental strength isn't it? You have got this far, believe in the programme and yourself and enjoy the highs when you do the impossible πŸ˜€ Most of all enjoy, happy running πŸ‘ŸπŸƒπŸ‘ŸπŸƒ

  • Many thanks for your kind words and support - you are right it feels like we are achieving the unachievable right now😊

  • Week 6 was my most challenging, it is a psychological as well as a physical challenge. I am doing the program outdoors and having done it indoors as well, much prefer outdoors. I don't have the Laura podcast though, I have Michael Johnson coaching me through the program & I use my own music. To get me through runs where I really don't want to be running and want to stop, I use the next sign post, bend in the road to keep me going & used to do that when I was on the treadmill too, using the visual display or looking ahead and imagining running outdoors. We all have confidence issues at some point but this forum is so supportive and encouraging so when we have a wobble or feel we just can't do it, someone will know just how we are feeling and will help us through the blip, because after all, that's all it is. Try thinking of the runs in smaller bits, I thought of the 20 min runs as 4 x 5 mins which helped me get through because I knew I could run for 5 mins nonstop. I also compose my blog about my run whilst I am running and the time just whizzes past. Keep at it because as the advert says, "You are so worth it" xx

  • Great words of wisdom...thank you and again for the encouraging words along with others on here. I too break the minutes into chunks but when she says I only have 5 mins to go I go from a "glass half full' girl to "glass half empty" and panic!! It is more mental for me this week, phyiscially I have surprised myself it's just what's in my's funny but on the last stretch when I really can't take much more I imaging running that last stretch of the London marathon down Pall Mall and try to feel the achievement - daft I know but it sure helps!! 😊

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