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Paying it forward

As a graduate (so psyched to be able to say that!!), I've kept up with my program, increasing my distance and just being my general awesome self.

I've registered for a 12km run in May 2017 and that's my goal for the moment. I'm so excited, I know that last year this time I could barely run for a minute. Now I'm a runner!!

People always ask me how I'm doing this, how I got started. Which leads to me oversharing about this amazing forum and how wonderful Laura is and everybody here being so supportive and how amazing it feels to have that little graduate badge next to my name.

A colleague of mine decided to join me today during my lunchtime run. She usually had some trouble finishing Week 1 by herself and today I decided to do Week 1 Day 1 with her. Some gentle nudges and lots of encouraging coaxing along, and she finished it! I wish I could record her whoops and cheers to play for you all. Even though it was her achievement, I'm so proud of her and once a week I'll do the week's run with her before I continue with my usual training.

Soon I'll introduce her to the forum as well. And I'm sure you lot will make her feel as welcome and wonderful as you did me.

Have a fabulous week!


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Yay, well done you! And how fab to know you've inspired someone else to try - and been able to encourage her on her way too! :)

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How great for your friend to have a support buddy in you, and how lovely for you to have that 12k stretch goal to aim for! I'm shooting for that graduate badge too, can't wait XD


Lovely post - and your friend is so lucky to have you to encourage her! What a great thing to do, those early runs can be quite daunting. Best of luck with your 12 k run in May. You have plenty of time to build up your distance. 🙂

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Aw bless ya! 😀 Great int it this running lark. Well done you yes, you are awesome 😀


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