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Not the most faithful runner, but hey.. it worked!

About halfway through week five I think I subconsciously dropped out of running (I think it was because I had a lot of schoolwork and revision and I had to fit other training in like spinning and supersets, though I'm sure this improved my fitness, and at the least maintained it), but after a few words with my coach (for sailing- he's very 'fitness-oriented' as I like to say) I came to the conclusion that it was an extremely good idea to take up running again, about three times a week.

So, today I started again, and aimed for about 25 minutes (my previous record) but actually got up to about 30, by which time I was at the beginning of my cooldown zone. My phone died (with the tracker on) about halfway through, so I had to use a watch for times, but I checked my route on google earth and it was 4.8K.

I was honestly so overjoyed, especially as I honestly felt that I could go for a short time longer. So, on Tuesday, I'm going to go for a 5K!

I hope you have all had a nice week, may the next bring safe runs and good weather to you all :)

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Well done, but go steady. Build slowly to avoid overuse injury from pushing too far too soon.

The programme aims to build in a structured manner, so consider sticking with the programme, focusing on running time rather than distance👍🏼😀


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