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Back on the Horse!?

Hi there...well I graduated last September after just starting a new job. Thought I'd give myself a week or two off as was so chuffed with finishing the programme having never run before and guess what?? I havent run since :-(. So disappointed. So anyway, thought I would try and get back on the horse so am checking in to say hello as last time I found this forum a great motivator. Not sure when I will start but just downloading the programme again and hopefully will get going at the end of this week. :-)

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Hi.. welcome back.... :)

Life can get in the way and here we are in 2017!

Decide on a good route, decide on the run day/time and get your stuff set out the night before.

Tell us. that you are going to do it... and exactly when, ( then you have to do it) :)

We will support and encourage you, just like the first time.. :)

"Do it now, or sometime, suddenly becomes never."

You won't regret it :)


Well done you for 'getting back on the horse' - giddy up and away you go! You will enjoy it and wonder why you ever stopped. Best of luck and keep posting your progress.

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Absolutely what Oldfloss said. Welcome back, set a plan, and get started! :) Keep posting in here, and we'll keep encouraging you on, too ;)

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Welcome back Beelady :) Was just thinking of you yesterday when opening my Hives for the first time since Winter started - lost one, but the other two are doing very well :)

Good to have you back :)


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