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W1D3....ran the cool down oops!

I just want to shout somewhere how chuffed I am that although I accidentally ran the 5 minutes walking cool down I still actually ran it without dying!! 🙈🏃😂

I started Day 1 of this challenge running around where I live which is really hilly so switched to the treadmill at the gym. Initially I was daunted with actually running on the treadmill but it's not as awful as I feared!

I'm not a runner but do attend 2-4 classes a week of Spinning, Body Combat, Kettlebells etc so the stamina of those is paying off I guess...

Started this program as competing in a 5k in July so need to get running practice in so I'm not holding the rest of my group up!

Feel like I need to put it in writing to keep me going!

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Well done Newbie5 😊...

You are doing a great program, follow the plan, run slowly and steadily and take your rest days (from running)..

Keep posting and shouting your success we are happy to hear how you are doing and give you a cheer or any advice.😊

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It sounds like you're reasonably fit so I'll pass on my experience of being too impatient and tell you: stick to the programme, make sure you take the rest days and always remember it's about how long you run for, not how far. Enjoy!

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