Speeding item spotted in Carmarthenshire 😂

Up at 6am today to go out and start Week 8. I felt good after upping the pace for my last run so decided to do the same pace today & was so excited to see my Fitbit register that I had covered 3.2 miles for my 28 minute run..that's 5.1499 km. YES!! I had run 5k. My run was excellent, it seemed to pass quickly & I was back home before I knew it. I have been thinking back to when I started....27th Dec & how I thought 60 seconds of running was a long time. Graduation seemed a long way off & here it is, just 5 more runs!

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  • Wahaye! !!

    Marvellous run, fantastic distance! Well done indeed speedy😊

    It's amazing isn't it to look back and see how far you've come since those first gruelling 60 second runs. Not long now and you'll be quaffing the champers on the podium! ☺

  • Wow that is VERY speedy, well done. This running malarkey must really be your thing! Graduation njust around the corner 😃🌟

  • Wow, something SUPER-speedy in Carmarthenshire! Fantastic, well done. (And if you see a green glow in the distance somewhere to the east of you, that's me being envious!)

  • Well done - a very good 5k time, especially at this stage of the programme.☺

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