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After graduating last June. I continued to run as much as I could but with a new job I only managed once or twice a week.

Then it became once a week. Then in September I pushed myself and did 3 runs, on the way my calf muscle suddenly became very painful and tight. So I hobbled home.

I didn't go for a run again for another 3 weeks and part way through the run it started hurting again. So I left it until December. I went for a couple of small runs but have found it hard to keep it going.

So I decided to go back to week 5 of C25K, so I have got Laura to guide me. I have completed week 5 and have now started week 6.

I'm running really slowly to try and avoid injury and stretching before. Although I find it really hard to get the willpower to get out and run, when I'm out and doing it I really enjoy it.

I don't have great ambitions with running but I would like to be able to run 3-4 miles 3 times a week to keep fit and keep my weight down and to be healthier.

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It is frighteningly easy to lose what has taken so long to achieve. "Fizzling out" is still one of my biggest worries. But you're out there again, you're building up slowly and you obviously want to run. These things are good! Well done for not giving up!


Well done. I even worried about getting back into the swing of things with disruption due to a house move and Xmas and weather disruption. Like you I don't have ambitions to do marathons. Now I regularly can do 3 runs anywhere between 4 and 6 1/2 K up to 45 minutes. to help fit in my 3 runs I do one 4 1/4 K run to work on a Friday.

Apart form the weight loss and fitness it's also mentally breaking lethargy and being alert. Now restarted studying and have a new lease of life. Compared to not being able to run for a bus and now could beat any bus home in rush hour.

Despite all that sometimes have a doubt for first few minutes of running. But that is getting rarer now and has become a good habit.

Also as others say take it slow. You've obviously learned from previously graduating and the great feeling of it has helped to keep you motivated.

I'm not after gaining speed but have found without trying I have got faster. I like a challenge but have found now that I can run for 6 1/2K for 45 minutes. When I drop down to 5K it is easier and can experiment with podcasts and vary routes and keep it interesting. That extra stamina buffer as I call it helps. I said to myself (hope I've not bored you with this before) "My aim was to run for 30 minutes and get fit and healthy, anything else is a bonus"

Again well done.

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