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Cracked it !!

Feeling fantastic tonight.

Just ran my final run. It's taken me a bit longer than 9 weeks but I switched my focus to achieving the distance rather than the time and have run 5k for the third time. Feeling particularly proud as managed it in 37.09 which has knocked nearly 1 and a half minutes off my original time !!!

Today was also the closing day for the GNR ballot which as my name suggests is the whole point of this venture so am duly registered and sitting with fingers crossed hoping for a place!!

Can't believe how chuffed I am !!

Just need to pluck up the courage for park run now....

Big hugs to you all

Keep running keep smiling

Debbie x

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Yeay! Go you... very well done!

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Oh my life... 3 x 5k for graduation?! You star! Massive CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Well I guess it's another par-tay on a school night😁Cheers Graduate!


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Thank you so much. The word Graduate sounds sooo good 😊


You need to get that badge next to your name! 😊


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