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Hurrah ... started back up again after knee trouble

I started C25k just before Christmas and had been doing so well and made it through w1 and w2. Then on Jan 2nd I did the first run of w3 and my knee started to hurt... by the end of the day I couldn't even walk :( so I had to stop my progress but after a few days decided to start doing some exercise DVD's instead ... knee still hurt but seemed to be progressively getting better until at last, this weekend I had my first pain free day.

So this morning I completed W3R1 and felt great - still no pain and I'm really excited to be back running again.

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That's fantastic. Well done for getting back out there! Do look after your knees though. Maybe do some knee strengthening exercises just to keep the knee niggles at bay.

Good luck with the rest of week three. Enjoy! ☺

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Great news, take it slow and steady. Must feel great to be back out there! fingers crossed it's all sorted. Any more pain then rest up so as not to make it worse.


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