Couch to 5K

Am I dreaming

After joining HealthUnlocked last September, followed 12wk plan not with out blips but have lost nearly 3stone. I began to increase my exercise on wk 2 , from then I haven't looked back, cycling, walking and gentle jogging. Which brings me to Today and my very first Parkrun which I finished in 34mins . With out this site this would never of been an option So a big Thankyou ☺️

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Yay! Great stuff. Parkrun is such fun isn't it. I hope you can do it regularly. Volunteering is good run too.

Being generally more active, and having a better diet, will keep you more mobile and fit enough to run regularly. it's all good isn't it. You just have to stick at it and make it your normal way of life now. You've seen the improvements the changes have made so you can embrace your healthier lifestyle and be happy

Good luck !

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Let's hope so 🙂


Wow, that's fantastic ! Must be a it more than gentle jogging to finish with that time....Well done.


Thankyou, honestly did try n not go fast , as I so wanted to finish with out stopping ! Still on a bit of a high !!!!


FANTASTIC!! Well done you, you must be sooo proud of yourself 😘😄😄😄👏👏👏


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