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5k ... eventually !

Hi folks. After a couple of false starts due to injuries, long recoveries and having to keep going back to the beginning I finally ran 5k this week. I've been running 30 minutes for a couple of weeks but was determined to reach the 5k goal and I did it!! It took me 39 minutes which I don't think is too bad - it's something to build on. My Physio told me that I had to have longer recovery between runs so I've only been running twice a week. I got tendonitis in my ankle which he said was caused by increasing speed or distance too quickly. I'd like to add a 3rd run but I'm wary that I'll be increasing too much as before and I'll end up with the same problem. Can anyone advise how to proceed? Will my muscles joints etc be stronger now that they're used to the 30 min runs?? Should I just stick to 2 runs and concentrate on extending those? Ideally as the name suggests I'd like to do the GNR in September.

Sorry this is longwinded. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks Debbie 😊

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Congratulations 🏃🌟👍and a great time for your 5k. They always say not to increase your distance more than 10% each week so maybe try doing that for a couple of weeks & i read a lot of posts that vary their runs like maybe 2short runs maybe 1 interval training 1 including hills and then a longer run at weekends! Maybe worth a chat with physio as it would be a shame to get another injury & be longer off . Listen to your body & well done on your journey 😊Happy running thats what its all about🏃😊🏃😊

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Definitely only increase one of them.

If you leave 2 days in between each run, then you can do 5 runs in 2 weeks which means you're only really missing 1 run, try that for a bit and see how it goes.


I agree with Sadamski , move to 5 runs every two weeks as a start. Be careful about pushing too much. Maybe make the extra run a short interval or speed work run. I do a 3k, a 5k favourite (hills) and for my third run i aim to add a bit of distance every so often. My 3k is my interval run where i mix it up a bit, i sometimes even do speedwalking rather than running intervals. I also take a few days off every few weeks, three or four days or so. It helps keep my energy levels stable rather than getting too tired.

Happy running 🏃🏻‍♀️😀

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Thanks for the advice folks. Due to work commitments it's hard to be flexible and I tend to run on the same nights each week I did 5k again yesterday without any ill effects so I'm going to start adding a shorter run in between my usual Tuesday n Saturday run. If I have any problems I'll ease back if not I'll stick with that a couple of times then start extending the runs. Keep your fingers crossed... 🤞😊


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