Couch to 5K

Finished my first W4R1 5min

I'm sort of stuck at W4 now, I told myself that I'm not moving to W5 until I can successfully complete W4 (meaning my first 5min non stop run) so yea, I do W4 but I usually slow down halfway in the 5min sets.

However, yesterday on my final 5min set, I did it!

My treadmill is in my out house & its about -1 out there & I still managed a totally soaked t shirt! Yuk but proud.

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Well done. It is cold atm isn't it?! Brrrr! I have been running in the gym on the treadmill instead of pounding the pavements for the past week but I find the treadmill runs monotonous. It just makes me feel so alive and vital running outside and I prefer to run in cold weather. Spring is a lovely season to run in because the trees are just starting to come alive again after the winter, the sun shines but it's cool, the birds are singing.... wonderful!

The trick might be to start your 5 minute run section far more slowly, you are likely going too fast, and that way you can speed up towards the end of the run section. Does that make sense? I hope so. :D

Give that a go and see if it makes a difference :)


Yes your probably right, I have this thing where I have to "walk" at 4mph & do my "run" at 6mph, so yes it's probably too fast at my weight, but I'll do W4 again next week

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I agree with kickibro, that you may be starting a bit too fast so run out of steam on the 5 min runs. Take your speed down a bit and you will find you can complete the session successfully. No need for speed.

Good luck😊

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