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When runs go wrong

Had a fantastic run on Monday doing 4x800m sprints. I managed negative splits, so I'm very pleased with that.

This evening's run was comparatively awful. I was meant to be doing 4x1.5k splits but only managed two of them. I had very much overdressed for the weather. I normally remember to dress as if the weather is 10 degrees, but today I was cowardly and tired and subsequently forgot. It's amazing the difference how you dress makes. I had far too many layers on, even having taken some off I was overheating with not enough hand space to carry anymore. I had to abort the run at 3k plus the warm up jog. Not great, but I have to keep on reminding myself that any run is better than no run.

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Well done. right attitude. you got a run in despite conditions. I've been lucky that today I could wait till sun came out and felt good with sun on my face.

But when temperature about freezing or below is hard initially taking in the cold air. The fact that any of us go out running at all is amazing. Hate having to wait to see if need ice skates or trainers on !! So far have managed 2 layers with thick rugby shirt and sweatshirt. couldn't cope with any more than that.

I just cant wait until temperature stabilizes to at least a few degrees above freezing . I would prefer a bit of rain or showers to in rather than freezing !


At this time of year, it's often difficult to gauge how many layers should be worn, depending upon temperature, weather conditions and speed/duration of an intended workout.

As a general rule, if outdoor temperature is <0-5C, I'll opt for cold weather compression leggings and top beneath a pair of shorts and top, if it's between 5-10C, normal compression gear is worn beneath shorts and top and when the temperature is over 10C, it's simply shorts and top.

If it happens to be particularly breezy, I will consider a windbreaker jacket, but don't like to be too warm, so it's only worn on the odd occasion.


Yes, too much clothing really means you can't run, well, I can't anyway. It really is hard to get it right this year...


I was out in minus 13 on Monday - now that was just too cold and I put a second layer on later this week. Today it was only minus 4, positively balmy! And I was too warm with 2 layers. I came back drenched in sweat. I think anything above minus 5 will still see me in just leggings and long-sleeve running shirt. It's supposed to get a bit warmer this weekend - so all change again!


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