Couch to 5K

W7R2 In the bag!

Well after much deliberation over whether I was going to be brave and run outside or wimp out and just go to the gym and run on the treadmill yet again I took a big breath and headed for the great outdoors! 5 times around the access round at our local athletics track meant I had covered 4.2KM in 25mins!! Success! That is my third 25 minute run in 6 days and I am still absolutely astounded that it is ME that has done it. I have wanted to run for so long and always told myself that I'm a walker not a runner, I am constantly amazed at just how fantastic this programme is. To anyone who is even thinking about starting it DO IT and DO IT NOW!! You will never look back. 7 Runs to Graduation day .......... get the champagne on ice :-))

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Been on ice since your first post ;)

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Wow, well done 🎉 Hopefully in about a month I'll be in your shoes ( excuse the pun😉) graduation here you come👍


I have been ready for that champagne for a while...

You are getting closer, by the week...just keep it slow and steady,,, no worries about distance, just your pace in your own way :)

Well done :)

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