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5K Training + W5R3

Morning all!

I posted last week about training for a 5k on 14th Feb, using C25K as the basis for my training. Thanks for everyone that shared their experience and gave advice!

I completed W5R3 on Saturday, apart from a bit of pain around the 12-15 minute mark on an old injury, it went well. Had more left in the tank at the end so increased my pace for the last 60 seconds.

I think, at this rate, running for 30-35 minutes on week 9 shouldn't be an issue, but my pace me be too slow for the 14th. I think instead, based on my experiences and the advice from other people in my last post, I'll do a Park Run on the 18th so I'm able to get an idea of the time it takes me to do the 5k :)

Week 6 Run 1 this afternoon, looking forward to it! :)

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Well done! Just go steady and you will be fine. Don't try and hurry up!

Week six is a tricky little beggar so take your time over it. Let us know how you get on.

Have fun! This is the golden time 😀


Parkrun is the best. You'll love it. That's a great goal.

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Slow pace is fine, if you have to walk a little bit on your first race or parkrun then that's ok. Hope W6R1 went well - it can be a tricky one!

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It went really well, the first 3 min walk was more of a hindrance than a help, but it was good overall. Looking forward to run 2 on Wednesday!


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