Couch to 5K

W1R3 done

Well it was chilly out there this morning! Chuffed I managed it but those last 2 60sec runs where definitely mind over matter.

Slightly nervous about having to extend the running😬 But gonna get a grip and tackle it.

Start with my C25k running group on Wednesday so going to have to repeat week one again which I don't mind.

Took a different route today rather than lapping my local park. This lead me to thinking if runners pre plan routes or do you just get out there and let the feet decide?

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I sort of plan so I know I'll be back to the start by the end! Usually when Laura says I'm half way through I start going back the way I came!


Good luck running with the group. It's a great way to motivate each other 😊

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Very well done and a great positive attitude going there...:)

Just make sure when you join the group, to go at your pace.. do not be in a hurry to go too fast too soon, or feel pressured into speed :)

I plan my runs, mostly, but not always.. part of the fun of it :)

Some days though, particularly dry and pleasant ones, I just set out, no distance or speed in mind and see where my feet lead.. often it turns out to be quite exciting!

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Well done for finishing Week 1! Don't be nervous, you can do Week 2! :)

I like to decide where I run on the fly. Choosing which direction I'm going to go next gives me something to think about and keeps those gremlins away if they decide to come out to play. Some people like to go the same route in order to compare their runs. It's quite individual I suppose.

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