Couch to 5K

W2R3 Still don't feel like quitting!

so thats week 2 done - and i still feel ok and looking forward to the challenges week 3 will bring!

I run mon wed and fri. I work full time and always run on the treadmill at home at night-time.

I managed to get a random day off on wednesday and was going out for the day with my hubby, so i was up at 7am to do my W2R2! and was all chuffed with myself!!

my other half thinks I've been abducted by aliens and replaced by someone who isn't really minding a bit of exercise! hahaha - and to make it better, instead of opting for a day out doing a pub crawl, getting some tapas and finishing off at the cinema, we went for a nine mile canal walk and drank diet coke!!!......(even "I" think I've been abducted! haha(

needless to say my wee legs were a bit sore all day thursday and it was a bit daunting stepping on the treadie tonight - but thankfully - i seemed to cope!

so - onwards and upwards - although i am a bit worried because i inadvertently put on the wrong podcast tonight and W3R1 started and it all sounded a bit 'busy and fast' ...... anyway - we'll see - nothing ventured nothing gained.

Lets do this!

thanks for reading and the continual support,

Kaz x

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Just remember...your journey, your pace. You are doing an absolutely sterling job. Enjoy week 3 (and say Hi to the aliens) ;)

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Good stuff, well done.

Don't worry about week 3, you will be fine.

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Brilliant.. you are doing amazingly. Many of us can hardly recognise the change in ourselves when we start this wonderful programme!

The benefits are so varied, healthier and stronger, mentally and physically, and it can often puts our way of life into some kind of perspective :)

As Edison said,

"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

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The programme really is life changing! It changes us all until we're barely recognisable from the exercise phobes we were before C25k. Sounds like you're enjoying it, great work! Stretch those legs to see if it helps their ache and do take an extra rest day if you feel you need it, especially once you reach those longer runs. Keep going, you're doing great. :)

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