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W3R1 - goodbye sunshine

It almost seems like this week is a step back - although the total running is slightly longer - four sets only feels not enough. I guess I'm used to previous training plans where the time on feet is gradually increased.

Slightly apprehensive about today's run. My left foot felt slightly 'cranky' over the weekend, but only when I flexed it with pointed my toes (fortunately an infrequent movement as it turns out). No pain at all walking, running, jumping, etc. Curious. Anyhow, weather was wet this morning but supposedly clearing up. Seeing blue sky on the horizon, I set out. Foot felt fine. Ran first 90 seconds; brisk walk 90 seconds, 3 mins run and the heavens opened. The only thing worse than jogging in heavy rain, is walking in it, even brisk walking, and feeling the cold creep in. Fortunately I had my phone double bagged in freezer bags, so no worry about it getting wet. The rain slowed for the second 90 second run, and drizzled mournfully for the remainder of the time. Poor planning meant the last three minute run was all uphill and although the foot felt fine, the left quad started to grumble. Finished the walking and said goodbye to Laura, by which time home was downhill so did a very very easy further 3 minute jog in an attempt to keep warm, during which time the quad eased off but the left calf, keen not to be left out of the party, stiffened up.

Next run will be Wednesday; need to search out my foam roller and work on some gentle stretching.

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