Couch to 5K

W8r2 and surprisingly my legs feel great

Managed the full 28 minutes (apart from the bit between the fields where I fell over in the mud). I have been running up and down stairs since my run and my legs feel good. I have been taking this very slowly to prevent old injuries becoming a problem (I am 60 and 4 stone overweight) but my hip and knees feel better, my Achilles tendon which stopped me walking properly for 2 years has hardly twinged and the shin splints I started to feel in week 1 have not got worse. If I can do this anyone can although I do find leaving 3 days between each run works best

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That's fantastic imreez 😊

You are so close to graduating!!!!

Good to hear that old problems haven't stopped you 😊 I am at W6 and always worry about previous aches and pains, but so far body is holding up 😉

Well done 😊

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Well done.. apart from the falling over bit... :)

Watch the running up and down stairs too... at our age, and all that .... :)....

Take as many rest days as you need.. it is your journey...done your way :)


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