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Wk4 D2: Of Gym Sessions and Park Running

Having dropped Hubby-To-Be at his first Gym session, I and my running shoes, along with Goblin Cecelia who was clinging to my shoulder for dear life, headed to the park for Wk4 D2 with more than a little bit of trepidation after Saturday's hard slog of a session. But as I'm stubborn, I got into the park (though Cecelia tried to get me to go home first by pointing out that my bladder was full and I'd forgotten my tissues - I thwarted her plans by availing myself of the facilities in the park) and so I set off.

I'm not going to lie to you, it was still a hard slog especially when one of my calves began to hurt a little bit, but despite that and Cecelia trying to point out that there's no shame in doing 4 out of 5 minutes, I still stuck to it and finished the session without stopping, cursing at Sarah Millican whenever she popped up and even remembering to pace myself, even though it felt barely faster than walking (yes, I do have to keep reminding myself it's about endurance, not speed) today was a definite improvement over Saturday, I would say. Thus, triumphant I awarded myself the max stars of how I felt, being proud of myself for doing it and managing to shake of Cecelia for the most part and went to pick up Hubby-To-Be, exhausted and achy from his Gym session from where we went home, showered and indulged in some home-made-by-me breakfast muffins (poached egg, grilled bacon, no butter, no cheese, little bit of ketchup) and some cups of tea.

Also could it be my beloved couch potato of a Hubby-To-Be is on the verge of becoming a Gym-Bod convert? He's just told me he can't wait for his next Gym Session on Wednesday morning - could the timing be better? That's my next run day!

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Sounds like it is really going well. Well done to you both. Now if you want to share the muffin recipe... :)


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